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Windows Communication FoundationOverview7/2/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 72
Windows Communication FoundationContracts7/9/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 73
Windows Communication FoundationContract Versioning 7/11/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 71
Windows Communication FoundationExceptions and Faults7/13/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 69
Windows Communication FoundationBindings7/23/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 72
Windows Communication FoundationHosting7/23/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 79
Windows Communication FoundationMessaging Patterns8/10/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 74
Windows Communication FoundationInstancing Modes8/13/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 68
Windows Communication FoundationConcurrency, Throughput, and Throttling8/15/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 82
Windows Communication FoundationSecurity Fundamentals8/24/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 76
Windows Communication FoundationFederated Security8/27/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 79
Windows Communication FoundationReliable Messaging8/29/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 72
Windows Communication FoundationTransactions9/4/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 70
Windows Communication FoundationMessage Queuing9/4/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 67
Windows Communication FoundationExtensibility9/7/2007Michele Leroux Bustamante 70
   Total 1094