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Entity Framework

Data Layer Validation with Entity Framework 4.1+Data Layer Validation with Entity Framework 4.1+2/8/2012Julie Lerman 114
Designer Supported EDM CustomizationDesigner Supported EDM Customization1/6/2011Julie Lerman 126
Entity Framework 4.0 By ExampleEntity Framework 4.0 By Example8/27/2010Julie Lerman 139
Entity Framework 4.1 - Code FirstEntity Framework 4.1 - Code First6/18/2011Julie Lerman 119
Entity Framework 4.1 - DbContext Data AccessEntity Framework 4.1 - DbContext Data Access9/27/2011Julie Lerman 82
Entity Framework 6: Ninja Edition - What's New in EF6Entity Framework 6: Ninja Edition - What's New in EF611/8/2014Julie Lerman 433
Entity Framework and Data ModelsEntity Framework and Data Models11/5/2010Julie Lerman 92
Entity Framework Code First MigrationsEntity Framework Code First Migrations3/6/2012Julie Lerman 70
Entity Framework in the EnterpriseEntity Framework in the Enterprise9/19/2012Julie Lerman 196
Getting Started with Entity Framework 5Getting Started with Entity Framework 53/6/2013Julie Lerman 264
Getting Started with Entity Framework 6Getting Started with Entity Framework 67/31/2015Julie Lerman 158
Looking Ahead to Entity Framework 7Looking Ahead to Entity Framework 73/10/2015Julie Lerman 149
Querying the Entity FrameworkQuerying the Entity Framework2/28/2011Julie Lerman 83
   Total 2025