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Project Management

Agile Team Practices with ScrumAgile Team Practices with Scrum4/15/2010David Starr 225
Being an Effective Animation SupervisorBeing an Effective Animation Supervisor6/10/2013Ron Friedman 97
Best Practices for Project EstimationBest Practices for Project Estimation12/8/2014Michael Krasowski 167
Big ScrumBig Scrum4/22/2015David Starr 167
CompTIA Project+: Part 1CompTIA Project+: Part 18/17/2010Bill Kulterman 289
CompTIA Project+: Part 2CompTIA Project+: Part 28/17/2010Bill Kulterman 350
Easily Estimate Projects Using Statistics and ExcelEasily Estimate Projects Using Statistics and Excel7/15/2015William Davis 291
Getting Started with Project Online with Dux Raymond SyGetting Started with Project Online with Dux Raymond Sy6/10/2015Gary Eimerman 67
Introduction to Business Analysis & Needs AssessmentIntroduction to Business Analysis & Needs Assessment12/22/2015Casey Ayers 179
Introduction to Delegation in Project Server/Project OnlineIntroduction to Delegation in Project Server/Project Online9/2/2015Cindy Lewis 55
PMP® - Organizational Influences & Project Management LifecyclePMP® - Organizational Influences & Project Management Lifecycle1/13/2015Casey Ayers 242
PMP® – Earning & Retaining Your PMP® CertificationPMP® – Earning & Retaining Your PMP® Certification10/1/2015Casey Ayers 138
PMP® – Introduction to Project Management & the PMP® ExamPMP® – Introduction to Project Management & the PMP® Exam12/17/2014Casey Ayers 206
PMP® – Project Communications ManagementPMP® – Project Communications Management7/9/2015Casey Ayers 144
PMP® – Project Cost ManagementPMP® – Project Cost Management5/15/2015Casey Ayers 163
PMP® – Project Human Resource ManagementPMP® – Project Human Resource Management6/26/2015Casey Ayers 176
PMP® – Project Integration ManagementPMP® – Project Integration Management3/2/2015Casey Ayers 237
PMP® – Project Procurement ManagementPMP® – Project Procurement Management8/20/2015Casey Ayers 151
PMP® – Project Quality ManagementPMP® – Project Quality Management5/30/2015Casey Ayers 158
PMP® – Project Risk ManagementPMP® – Project Risk Management7/30/2015Casey Ayers 201
PMP® – Project Schedule ManagementPMP® – Project Schedule Management5/1/2015Casey Ayers 145
PMP® – Project Scope ManagementPMP® – Project Scope Management3/24/2015Casey Ayers 220
PMP® – Project Stakeholder ManagementPMP® – Project Stakeholder Management9/9/2015Casey Ayers 122
PMP® – Project Time ManagementPMP® – Project Time Management4/11/2015Casey Ayers 204
Project Management Professional (PMP)®: Project InitiationProject Management Professional (PMP)®: Project Initiation7/4/2014Ashley Hunt 68
Project Server 2010/2013 AdministrationProject Server 2010/2013 Administration5/8/2015Ben Howard 182
Scrum Master SkillsScrum Master Skills8/6/2015Benjamin Day 247
   Total 4891