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Software Practices

Abstract Art: Getting Things "Just Right"Abstract Art: Getting Things "Just Right"10/6/2014Jeremy Clark 128
Advanced Unit TestingAdvanced Unit Testing4/15/2013Mark Seemann 182
Agile EstimationAgile Estimation6/7/2012Stephen Forte 93
Agile Families: Techniques for Living with ChangeAgile Families: Techniques for Living with Change11/29/2013David Starr 190
Agile FundamentalsAgile Fundamentals1/26/2015Stephen Haunts 163
Agile in the Real WorldAgile in the Real World12/24/2014Jeremy Jarrell 129
Agile Release ManagementAgile Release Management6/17/2013Jan-Erik Sandberg 92
Agile Requirements Process: From Idea to Minimum Viable ProductAgile Requirements Process: From Idea to Minimum Viable Product5/30/2015Rusty Divine 154
Approval Tests for .NETApproval Tests for .NET9/17/2014Jason Roberts 154
Architecting Applications for the Real World in .NETArchitecting Applications for the Real World in .NET1/7/2014Cory House 173
Automated Acceptance Testing with SpecFlow and GherkinAutomated Acceptance Testing with SpecFlow and Gherkin10/28/2013Jason Roberts 172
Automated Testing for Fraidy Cats Like MeAutomated Testing for Fraidy Cats Like Me5/22/2013Julie Lerman 87
Automated Testing: End to EndAutomated Testing: End to End6/18/2013Jason Roberts 195
Automated Web Testing with SeleniumAutomated Web Testing with Selenium9/10/2012John Sonmez 203
Best Practices for Requirements GatheringBest Practices for Requirements Gathering11/7/2013Michael Krasowski 62
Best Practices for Software StartupsBest Practices for Software Startups9/19/2012Stephen Forte 195
Better .NET Unit Tests with AutoFixture: Get StartedBetter .NET Unit Tests with AutoFixture: Get Started4/4/2015Jason Roberts 119
Better Software Through MeasurementBetter Software Through Measurement10/10/2013Brendan Younger 97
Brownfield Application DevelopmentBrownfield Application Development2/16/2012Donald Belcham 168
Building Extensible Applications with MEFBuilding Extensible Applications with MEF8/2/2012Dustin Davis 116
Building the Right Thing in .NET with TestStackBuilding the Right Thing in .NET with TestStack5/1/2014Jason Roberts 255
Clean Code: Writing Code for HumansClean Code: Writing Code for Humans10/7/2013Cory House 190
Code ContractsCode Contracts7/17/2012John Sonmez 111
Coding Dojo: Test Driven DevelopmentCoding Dojo: Test Driven Development6/25/2013Emily Bache 124
Confident Coding: A Journey to Automated Testing in ASP.NET MVCConfident Coding: A Journey to Automated Testing in ASP.NET MVC6/23/2015Wes Higbee 179
Continuous IntegrationContinuous Integration12/10/2010James Kovacs 155
Continuous Integration with psake and TeamCity: Getting StartedContinuous Integration with psake and TeamCity: Getting Started10/2/2015Fabien Ruffin 153
Continuous Testing with NCrunchContinuous Testing with NCrunch5/16/2013Erik Dietrich 154
Creating Acceptance Tests With FitNesseCreating Acceptance Tests With FitNesse5/17/2013John Sonmez 191
Creating an Automated Testing Framework With SeleniumCreating an Automated Testing Framework With Selenium9/26/2013John Sonmez 226
Creating Effective User StoriesCreating Effective User Stories7/25/2014Jeremy Jarrell 137
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making TechniquesCreative Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques2/6/2015Milena Pajic 105
Customizing Your Team Workflow with the Best of Kanban and ScrumCustomizing Your Team Workflow with the Best of Kanban and Scrum2/28/2014Milena Pajic 89
Date and Time FundamentalsDate and Time Fundamentals9/13/2014Matt Johnson 380
Dependency Injection On-RampDependency Injection On-Ramp10/21/2013Jeremy Clark 158
Design Patterns LibraryDesign Patterns Library9/10/2010David Starr, John Sonmez, John Brown, Brian Lagunas, Scott Allen, Robert Horvick, Keith Sparkjoy, Glenn Block, Niraj Bhatt, Donald Belcham 901
Design Patterns On-RampDesign Patterns On-Ramp9/26/2013Jeremy Clark 212
Developing Extensible SoftwareDeveloping Extensible Software2/5/2014Miguel Castro 226
Domain-Driven Design FundamentalsDomain-Driven Design Fundamentals6/25/2014Julie Lerman 256
Encapsulation and SOLIDEncapsulation and SOLID8/5/2014Mark Seemann 310
Executable Specifications: End-to-End Acceptance Testing With SpecFlowExecutable Specifications: End-to-End Acceptance Testing With SpecFlow8/27/2014Elton Stoneman 176
FakeItEasyFakeItEasy8/20/2012Jim Cooper 82
Five Essential Tools for Building REST APIsFive Essential Tools for Building REST APIs12/2/2014Elton Stoneman 176
Gathering Good Requirements for DevelopersGathering Good Requirements for Developers9/5/2014Robert Bogue 191
Getting Started With Jenkins Continuous IntegrationGetting Started With Jenkins Continuous Integration2/22/2013John Sonmez 159
Improving Testability Through DesignImproving Testability Through Design8/11/2014Zoran Horvat 276
Introduction to .NET Testing with NUnitIntroduction to .NET Testing with NUnit12/22/2014Jason Roberts 108
Introduction to Fixie: Convention-based Testing in .NETIntroduction to Fixie: Convention-based Testing in .NET2/26/2015Jason Roberts 138
Introduction to Testing in JavaIntroduction to Testing in Java5/11/2015Richard Warburton 234
Introduction to UMLIntroduction to UML9/9/2013Mike Erickson 133
Introduction to Versioning Environments With VagrantIntroduction to Versioning Environments With Vagrant10/2/2014Wes Higbee 260
Inversion of ControlInversion of Control8/15/2011John Sonmez 252
JIRA FundamentalsJIRA Fundamentals9/5/2013Jan-Erik Sandberg 149
JustMock Lite FundamentalsJustMock Lite Fundamentals10/2/2013Philip Japikse 157
Kanban Development With Jira AgileKanban Development With Jira Agile12/5/2014Xavier Morera 129
Kanban FundamentalsKanban Fundamentals2/13/2012Steve Smith 92
Making the Business Case for Best PracticesMaking the Business Case for Best Practices12/31/2014Erik Dietrich 282
Microsoft Fakes FundamentalsMicrosoft Fakes Fundamentals10/10/2012Donald Belcham 116
Mocking With MoqMocking With Moq7/25/2012Jim Cooper 113
MySQL Continuous Database Delivery with FlywayMySQL Continuous Database Delivery with Flyway3/27/2015Wes Higbee 320
Outside-In Test-Driven DevelopmentOutside-In Test-Driven Development1/16/2013Mark Seemann 148
Patterns for Pragmatic Unit TestingPatterns for Pragmatic Unit Testing12/26/2014Justin Pihony 122
Play by Play: MVP Scope Discovery with Steven MaguirePlay by Play: MVP Scope Discovery with Steven Maguire6/20/2015Brian Green 111
Practical NDependPractical NDepend10/21/2013Erik Dietrich 242
Pragmatic Behavior-driven Design with .NETPragmatic Behavior-driven Design with .NET3/5/2014Rob Conery 173
Project Management for Software EngineersProject Management for Software Engineers7/22/2015Michael Krasowski 291
Provable CodeProvable Code6/13/2012Michael Perry 352
Refactoring FundamentalsRefactoring Fundamentals12/13/2013Steve Smith 481
Rhino Mocks FundamentalsRhino Mocks Fundamentals6/28/2012Donald Belcham 132
Scrum Development with Jira & JIRA AgileScrum Development with Jira & JIRA Agile1/14/2014Xavier Morera 97
Scrum FundamentalsScrum Fundamentals10/23/2012David Starr 220
Software Engineering EssentialsSoftware Engineering Essentials1/22/2015Mohamad Halabi 298
Software Process ManagementSoftware Process Management11/18/2014Gregory Paul Knight 223
SOLID Principles of Object Oriented DesignSOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design9/10/2010Steve Smith 248
SQL Server Continuous Database Delivery with FlywaySQL Server Continuous Database Delivery with Flyway5/13/2015Wes Higbee 386
Succeeding with Offshore DevelopmentSucceeding with Offshore Development10/23/2013Jan-Erik Sandberg 99
Tactical Design Patterns in .NET: Managing ResponsibilitiesTactical Design Patterns in .NET: Managing Responsibilities3/26/2015Zoran Horvat 289
Test First Development - Part 1Test First Development - Part 111/16/2010Scott Allen 214
Test First Development - Part 2Test First Development - Part 22/21/2011David Starr 164
Test Studio FundamentalsTest Studio Fundamentals10/2/2012Todd Ropog 108
Test-First Development for RailsTest-First Development for Rails12/26/2006Geoffrey Grosenbach 77
Testing .NET Code with 2Testing .NET Code with 26/13/2015Jason Roberts 159
The Testing FrameworkThe Testing Framework10/9/2013Jason Roberts 170
Troubleshooting SkillsTroubleshooting Skills4/19/2013Geoffrey Grosenbach 25
Understanding and Eliminating Technical DebtUnderstanding and Eliminating Technical Debt5/7/2014Mark Heath 197
Understanding MetaprogrammingUnderstanding Metaprogramming7/12/2014Kathleen Dollard 116
Unit Testing In Java With JUnitUnit Testing In Java With JUnit5/10/2013John Sonmez 158
Unit Testing with PythonUnit Testing with Python11/1/2013Emily Bache 178
Web API DesignWeb API Design6/19/2013Shawn Wildermuth 137
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