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Windows Phone

Beyond the Basics in Windows Phone 8Beyond the Basics in Windows Phone 87/30/2013Michael Crump 128
Building Windows Phone Applications with AzureBuilding Windows Phone Applications with Azure2/15/2012Yacine Khammal 158
Building Windows Phone Apps that Stand OutBuilding Windows Phone Apps that Stand Out10/23/2013Lars Klint 186
Building Your First Windows Phone AppBuilding Your First Windows Phone App7/16/2014Lars Klint 223
Core Telerik Windows Phone 8 ControlsCore Telerik Windows Phone 8 Controls1/21/2014Michael Crump 165
Core Windows Phone 7 DevelopmentCore Windows Phone 7 Development12/10/2010Adam Grocholski 245
Hands-on Windows Phone 7 DevelopmentHands-on Windows Phone 7 Development4/18/2011Yacine Khammal 185
Introduction to Windows Phone 8Introduction to Windows Phone 84/3/2013Yacine Khammal 239
Windows PhoneIntroducing Windows Phone Dev2/25/2012Ravi Nangunoori 13
Windows PhoneBuilding a Silverlight Application for Windows Phone2/25/2012Ravi Nangunoori 17
Windows PhoneBuilding an XNA Application for Windows Phone2/25/2012Ravi Nangunoori 13
Windows Phone 7 "Mango" MultitaskingWindows Phone 7 "Mango" Multitasking6/20/2011Yacine Khammal 143
Windows Phone 7 BasicsWindows Phone 7 Basics12/11/2010Adam Grocholski 173
Windows Phone 7 Data BindingWindows Phone 7 Data Binding2/7/2011Yacine Khammal 97
Windows Phone 7.5 DataWindows Phone 7.5 Data9/6/2011Yacine Khammal 171
Windows Phone 7.5 Integration FeaturesWindows Phone 7.5 Integration Features8/1/2011Yacine Khammal 132
Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps With Caliburn.MicroWindows Phone and Windows Store Apps With Caliburn.Micro1/23/2015Brendan Kowitz 129
Windows Phone Testing and Error ManagementWindows Phone Testing and Error Management12/12/2013Lars Klint 206
   Total 2623