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A Tag Example

Description: Illustrates the HTML syntax for the anchor tag.

Syntax: Function: a Anchor tag defines an anchor within the document. An anchor is user to link to another document. It can also be a a label to a fragment of a document (these are called "named anchors"). Attributes: href="url" – href specifies the url of the target destination. Attributes: name="text" – text identifies and names a part of the document. It is usually called a fragment. The fragment can be referenced within a URL. It is prceded by the hash (#) symbol. Attributes: title="text" – Text specifies a title for the target document. Attributes: target="name|_blank|_self|_parent|_top"> – name specifies the window or frame that the target window should be displayed in. _blank – opens a new browser window. _self – Loads the linked document into the same frame or window as the source document. This is the default target for all links. _parent – linked document loads into the parent frame – one step up in the frame hierarchy. _top – causes document to load into top-level window. _blank – opens a new browser window.


A Tag Example Code: