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Behind The CodeBTC: David Heckerman - Biology, Machines, Medicine and Physics7/14/2010David Heckerman 56
Behind The CodeShowsBehind The Code Erik Meijer: Rebel with a Cause3/4/2010Erik Meijer 59
Behind The CodeNick Baker: Xbox Architecture12/2/2009Nick Baker 59
Behind The CodeMinds, Machines, and Intelligence: A Conversation with Eric Horvitz2/10/2009Eric Horvitz 60
Behind The CodeRichard Ward: Windows Architecture - Past, Present and Future11/7/2008Richard Ward 59
Behind The CodeRebecca Norlander - Challenge and Success8/8/2008Rebecca Norlander 59
Behind The CodeTerry Crowley: On the History and Evolution of the Internet5/8/2008Terry Crowley 59
Behind The CodePatrick Dussud: Managing Garbage Collection2/8/2008Patrick Dussud 59
Behind The CodeMohsen Agsen: Bridging the Gap between PC and Enterprise, Developer and Designer10/5/2007Mohsen Agsen 59
Behind The CodePeter Spiro: Building great databases. Making great teams. Leadership. WinFS. The power of having fun8/10/2007Peter Spiro 59
Behind The CodeCatharine van Ingen: Software Architecture, Global Warming, MIPS and Hydrology6/15/2007Catharine van Ingen 59
Behind The CodeRico Mariani: Writing better, faster code2/23/2007Rico Mariani 59
Behind The CodeRob Short: Operating System Evolution12/8/2006Rob Short 58
Behind The CodeTony Williams: Co-inventor of COM8/11/2006Tony Williams 58
Behind The CodeMark Zbikowski - From DOS 1.0 to Windows Vista5/17/2006Mark Zbikowski 58
Behind The CodeConversation with scientist, engineer and database legend Jim Gray5/17/2006Jim Gray 63
Behind The CodeShowsBehind The Code Life and Times of Anders Hejlsberg2/1/2006Anders Hejlsberg 60
Bill GatesBill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft s Chief Software Architect9/8/2005Bill Gates 17
Bill GatesBill Gates: Transitioning into the Future6/23/2008Bill Gates 27
Bill GatesBill Gates TechEd Keynote6/3/2008Bill Gates 10
Bill GatesAIF10: Afternoon Conversation with Bill Gates 7/14/2010Bill Gates 62
Bill Gates Softies share their favorite Bill Gates stories6/27/2008Bill Gates 10
Bill GatesBill Gates: Backstage at the Office Developer Conference2/11/2008Bill Gates 12
Bill GatesBill Gates: Answering Questions in India2/28/2006Bill Gates 17
Bill GatesSeventeen Minutes With Bill2/15/2006Bill Gates 17
Bill GatesNew Role for Bill in July 20082/15/2006Bill Gates 4
Bill GatesBill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero!2/19/2010Bill Gates 4
Bill GatesBill Gates and Tim O Reilly - A conversation at MIX3/21/2006Bill Gates 37
Bill GatesLive Webcast: 2008 Microsoft CES Keynote1/6/2008Bill Gates 60
Bill GatesBill Gates Office Developer Conference Keynote 20052/4/2005Bill Gates 75
Bill GatesLooking Back, Moving Ahead 2/4/2005Bill Gates 15
Bill GatesWorth A Thousand Words2/4/2005Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesHigh Return on Investment 9/16/2010Bill Gates 2
Bill GatesGoing Public 9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesWin Some, Lose Some9/16/2010Bill Gates 2
Bill GatesNot Quite a Household Name 9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesThe Microsoft Review9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesAsleep at the Keyboard9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesForward Thinking9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesTraf-O-Data9/16/2010Bill Gates 2
Bill GatesA Revolutionary Idea9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesDress to Impress9/16/2010Bill Gates 2
Bill GatesBill Gates: The Early Years 9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesHarvard and Beyond9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesThe Birth of Microsoft9/16/2010Bill Gates 3
Bill GatesA Computer on Every Desktop9/16/2010Bill Gates 2
Bill GatesThe Windows Revolution 9/16/2010Bill Gates 2
Bill GatesGrowing Pains9/16/2010Bill Gates 1
Bill GatesThe Revolution Continues9/16/2010Bill Gates 3
Bill GatesChanging the World9/16/2010Bill Gates 2
Bill GatesBill Gates on mosquitos, malaria and education9/16/2010Bill Gates 20
Bill GatesBill Gates Unplugged 2/22/2008Bill Gates 49
Bill GatesDavos Annual Meeting 2008 - Bill Gates1/25/2008Bill Gates 37
Bill GatesSoftware Breakthroughs: Solving the Toughest Problems in Computer Science2/26/2004Bill Gates 72
Bill GatesCharlie Rose - An hour with Bill Gates11/17/2006Bill Gates 57
Bill GatesCharlie Rose - Bill Gates - 200812/22/2008Bill Gates 55
Bill GatesBill Gates Keynote 9/22/2009Bill Gates 33
Bill GatesBill Gates at Berkeley - Part 14/19/2010Bill Gates 60
Bill GatesA Conversation with Bill Gates at Aspen Ideas Festival 7/8/2010Bill Gates 62
Bill GatesBill Gates at Harvard - Part 14/21/2010Bill Gates 60
Bill GatesSteve Jobs & Bill Gates at All Things Digital 2007 (D5) 6/3/2007Bill Gates 41
Bill GatesBill Gates, Sr: Showing Up For Life 6/17/2009Bill Gates 67
Bill GatesThe rest of the story: How Bill Gates beat Gary Kildall in OS war, Part 1 | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers8/9/2007Bill Gates 27
Bill GatesCNBC Originals _ Warren Buffett & Bill Gates: Keeping America Great11/18/2009Bill Gates 55
Bill GatesBill Gates Testimony to the Senate3/21/2007Bill Gates 26
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